Northern Ireland Tridents Ice Hockey Team

The Northern Ireland Tridents are a local recreational league Ice Hockey team formed in spring 2010 incorporating members of the three main emergency services in Northern Ireland, The Police Service of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and the Northern Ireland Prison Service. During that same year colleagues from across the border in An Garda Siochana also joined the team giving the Northern Ireland Tridents a unique position as the first ever all-Ireland joint emergency services sporting team on the Island.

The Northern Ireland Tridents were formed after Dame Mary Peters (Patron of WPFG NI), Duncan McCausland (Chair of WPFG NI) and other high level delegates from the Belfast 2013 WPFG Committee travelled to Vancouver for the 2009 Games. They noticed the overwhelming popularity for the sport within the strong WPFG contingent from North America and Europe. It was immediately obvious that the sport could be a strong ‘pull’ for those athletes and spectators considering coming to the province for the 2013 Games in Belfast, and the benefits of forming a local emergency services ice hockey team to represent the home nation caused the Committee to ask for consideration to be given to form a local home team.